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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

To Jamal Carter, a HVNGRY person is someone who does not stop working until their aspirations come to life. This is exactly what Carter did as he worked diligently to turn his clothing brand, which started out as in idea, into his reality. This is especially impressive because Jamal is a full time student. Jamal balances being an entrepreneur and student by getting his work done a week in advance and keeping his mindset of productivity consistent in order to continue to produce every week. Jamal did not wait until after he graduated to become a business owner because he was unhappy working 9-5 hours a week and wanted to make decisions for himself. Jamal has new additions to his clothing line coming out such as trucker hats and discounted jumpsuits. Carter encourages others to let music motivate them to work hard and to never stop devouring.


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