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Small Business Intensive

Growing Your Business

The Small Business Intensive is a new program, coming soon to SCCF. It will be a three-month, cohort-based program designed for growth-minded entrepreneurs, who still want to remain a small business or stay local. These ‘non-scalable’ businesses need a different type of support than what traditional entrepreneurship programs, like incubators or accelerators, can offer. 


Small business owners need to know how to grow their business SMARTLY. They need to understand how to hire the right people, create systems and processes to maximize their time, use their finances to project into the future, and help develop a company culture that will attract and retain strong workers. The Small Business Intensive will cover these topics that are more pertinent to business owners who are actively running a business, and looking for sustainable growth or expansion. 


Each month of the program will cover a different topic, supported by facilitated in-person work sessions, virtual cohort meetings, expert instruction, and SCCF guidance. 

Month 1 - Operations, Systems, and Delegation

Month 2 - Financial Projections and Sustainable Growth

Month 3 - The Buyer's Journey and how to grow through Branding

WHO is this program for?

Small Business Intensive will be for business owners who have launched their small businesses and are looking for additional support as their business continues to grow. The best-fit businesses are those that are established, running, and earning revenue. We suggest they be at least 3-5 years old, but younger businesses will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

WHEN does Small Business Intensive happen?

This program is coming soon to SCCF! We will be launching the first cohort in early 2025. To stay up to date about registration, subscribe to our newsletter here, or fill out our interest form to speak with our Programs Team to learn more about the program.

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