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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Nick Koger created a mobile networking application that allows users to create and share their business cards. Users can customize video backgrounds and branding in order to personalize the business card. The app is and always will be free. Nick went to a networking event while getting his masters and people were running out of business cards and he eventually resorted to taking pictures of business cards. That is when he had the idea of a customizable, mobile business card application. Nick tested a prototype out on his friends and they found it useful. From there, he tried a few different designs and collaborated with a few people which turned to be unsuccessful. From those experiences, Koger researched and found ways to separate himself from the other in the market and now BeCardless is still growing today. Nick appreciates the long days and looks forward to growing his team and working with people who have different talents than him. Nick’s advice to black youth who want to go into the tech industry that may not feel represented is for them to follow their dreams and passions. He started off learning info from YouTube and trial and error. Nick says,” Sometimes experience and failures are the best learning tools. Go out and get it. Go out and do it now and don’t wait. Get your feet wet now.” Koger wholeheartedly believes in entrepreneurship on top of day jobs. He believes others should maintain and balance of work and side projects. He advises others to do what that can and find resources because there’s information everywhere. People must find ways commit and have the time to stick out the growth process.

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