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Asdelia Mae Boutique

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

Jenna Cauchi is the founder of Asdelia Mae Boutique, a children’s boutique clothing store coming to Harrisonburg, VA. Jenna's role as a mother of two has fostered a passion for children's clothing. Shopping for her children has become an enjoyable experience that builds special memories for her family, and she looks forward to dressing her kids up for special occasions. But, as any parent knows, children don’t wear the same clothing size for very long. Rather than let the outfits she had bought collect dust and go to waste, Jenna began reselling the clothes on Instagram. This is when her consignment account, Thrifty Momma Resale was born!

Thrifty Momma Resale was Jenna’s introduction to entrepreneurship, “I started the account by reselling my kids' clothes, and then began consigning for other moms as well. I did it all online until my friend Carlynn Patten, who owns Uplift Studio, invited me to sell at a pop-up market. I loved that experience because it gave me a lot of validation for what I was doing.” That validation was critical in helping Jenna recognize the business owner inside of her, “I always dreamed about opening my own store, but I lacked the confidence to do it. I didn’t think I had what it takes.” Jenna, a Bridgewater College graduate, and former elementary school teacher, didn’t have any experience starting a business, but she had the spirit of an entrepreneur. All she needed was the framework to help her get started.

At one of Jenna’s pop-ups in 2022, she met SCCF staffer Nick Koger. Nick encouraged her to join Business Bootcamp, “I was enrolled in another business course that taught me some basics, but I felt like I was missing the local aspect. Business Bootcamp helped fill in the gaps in my education, taught me what steps to implement, and gave me a community and the confidence to keep going.” Jenna’s biggest milestone came when she attended an SCCF networking event, “Sarah, who owns BMC Bakes, invited me to one of the Entrepreneurs Off the Clock events. There, I met Kirsten Moore, the owner of Magpie and The Perch. I told her about my dream to open a children’s boutique, and she told me that she is opening The Liberty Street Mercantile, a collection of small businesses and local makers. I wasn’t looking for a brick-and-mortar store at the time, but it just fell into my lap. I felt like it was obvious, I had to take the opportunity!”

In the summer of 2023, Jenna is opening Asdelia Mae Boutique, an upscale children’s and consigned clothing boutique, in Harrisonburg, VA, “The name ‘Asdelia Mae’ comes from my grandmother’s maiden name, Asdelia, and my other grandmother’s middle name, Mae, who were both incredibly strong and inspiring women to me.” Jenna’s strong sense of family is evident in the name of the boutique, as well as her mission for the business. The boutique will offer boys' and girls' clothing in unique, timeless, fun styles, but Jenna’s dream goes beyond just clothing, “I want to be more than a store. I want to host community wide-events for families. I want to provide a space to make those special memories.” She doesn’t aim to become a huge store, her goal rather, is to become a piece of the community.

It’s entrepreneurs like Jenna, who have the idea and the passion, but are just missing the tools to launch their business, that Business Bootcamp can help. “Five years ago, I never could have imagined being here right now. I hope my kids recognize the dream I am pursuing. I hope they see my happiness through tearful eyes and smiles. I hope they learn that a challenge is growing and never settling. I hope they find motivation in failure and success. I hope they are learning that life is a journey and it’s never too late to write the next chapter,” Jenna shared on Instagram. She says to other female entrepreneurs, “Let your passion lead, invest and believe in yourself.” Thanks to the support she found from fellow entrepreneurs and the connections she made, Jenna was able to do just that.

Follow Asdelia Mae Boutique on Instagram or Facebook for updates and announcements of the store's grand opening. In the meantime, check out Thrifty Momma Resale for children’s upscale consignment clothing. If you’re interested in SCCF’s Business Bootcamp program, learn more at

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