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What to know before attending Startup Weekend

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Learn how to think, work, and build like a startup in 54 thrilling hours. Startup Weekend is an exciting and immersive foray into the world of startups. Over an action-packed three days, you’ll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders, and sponsors to show you how to get more done faster -- and, maybe even start that business. Here’s what to know before attending Startup Weekend Staunton!

Your business idea does NOT need to be tech-based.

Although it is called “Techstars,” your business idea can be from an industry! The previous two winners of Startup Weekend Shenandoah Valley were not in tech-related industries, so let your imagination run wild!

There is a prize for the pitch competition winner.

This year’s prize is worth $2000 in business support. It includes marketing assistance, storytelling consultations, a free GoDaddy domain name, and more! These items can be used on your current business venture, a future business idea, or to bring your weekend idea to life!

You don’t need a business, or even a business idea, to participate.

The weekend kicks off with everyone sharing a business idea to be worked on for the weekend, and then participants will vote on which idea interests them the most. Then everyone will break up into teams to work on low-stakes 3-4 different ideas. Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea! You’ll be able to hear other participants' ideas and contribute to them!

Yes, the event is 54 hours.

We encourage you to get the most out of the experience as you possibly can, but we understand that life can get in the way. You do not need to stay at the event for all 54 hours. If you need or choose to leave, make sure sure you exchange contact information with your team and stay in touch with each other.

You will get to expand your network.

Throughout the weekend you’ll work in teams with other entrepreneurs from your area. You will also have the chance to talk to and learn from local mentors who are experts in their fields, as well as meet the Valley professionals who will be judging the pitch competition. So bring some business cards, and introduce yourself!

Have fun!

This is a fast, fun, low-stakes environment to learn about what it’s like to start a business and flex your entrepreneurial muscles. Don’t be afraid to try new things throughout the weekend!

Techstars Startup Weekend Staunton will take place November 11-13 at the Staunton Innovation Hub. Register here, or learn more.


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