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  • Anna Mitchael

Southern Living: This Mother-Daughter Team Is On A Mission To Bring Back Heirloom Mums

On a farm tucked in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, a family floral business is making life brighter with heirloom varieties.

Many of us think we know chrysanthemums. We see them at the grocery store and can appreciate how the blossoms may be accented with ribbons or trinkets for the homecoming game. But Jessica Hall, head grower at Harmony Harvest Farm in Weyers Cave, Virginia, wants us to know that's just the tip of the bud.

Hall, her mother (Chris Auville), and her sister (Stephanie Duncan) are the brains and brawn behind their family's floral business, which is on a lively mission to bring back long-lost varieties of the heirlooms. "People are shocked when they find out that these gorgeous flowers are mums," Hall says.

This surprise goes beyond the kaleidoscope of colors and bloom shapes. When those who have signed up for the farm's annual waiting list receive their Mum Garden Boxes of bare-root plants for their own yards, they also realize that the flowers are easy to grow.

Each package includes a selection of cultivars so recipients can experiment in their region and see what strikes their fancy. And for those who don't want to garden but would still like a feast for the eyes, Harmony Harvest has a robust offering of cut blooms that they ship. This all points to the primary reason the family started growing them in the first place. As Hall explains, "We just want to make the world better through flowers."

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This article originally appeared in Southern Living and was written by Anna Mitchael


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