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S2V Spotlight: Budget Referee

Shenandoah Community Capital Fund’s 4th Startup Shenandoah Valley (S2V) cohort is made up of eight technology or tech-enabled businesses across the Shenandoah Valley. We sat down with each of our participants to get to know more about them as entrepreneurs, and why they choose to participate in the S2V program.

Our next spotlight is on David Rosenberg. Rosenberg is the founder of Budget Referee based in Rockingham County. Budget Referee is a budget management app to help people easily manage their finances with less effort and more strategic results. Learn more about Budget Referee here.

Rosenberg joined the S2V program because of the structure and support it would provide for him in making decisions about his business. His favorite part of being an entrepreneur, “Creating something new and holding the vision of what it could be,” is a mindset that will help him thrive in the program. As part of this technology-focused cohort, he’s most excited about collaborating with “subject matter experts” within the cohort as well as the mentors for the program. He hopes that this cohort will “act as good listeners and sounding boards” during his time in S2V.

We asked David Rosenberg a few questions about life as an entrepreneur in Rockingham County:

Fun fact about you?

I love playing golf with the Lakeview seniors

What is your favorite restaurant in your town?

What is your favorite town to visit in the Shenandoah Valley besides your own?


We look forward to seeing all of the cohort participants grow during their time in the S2V program. Follow along as we continue to spotlight these entrepreneurs on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


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