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Remix Studio

Remix Studio is bringing affordable dance classes to Harrisonburg, Virginia. Nick Koger, Community Outreach at SCCF, spoke with Amethyst Carter, Owner and operator of Remix Studio in Downtown Harrisonburg. Amethyst loves dancing and began taking classes right before the COVID pandemic. As her passion for dance grew, she discovered some limiting experiences. Several classes require a significant upfront investment, long-term time commitment, and almost no class flexibility. Furthermore, she was using dance as a fun way to work out and wasn’t interested in dancing professionally. The seed for the idea of her studio was planted when she began looking for Hip-hop classes and discovered nothing was offered locally.

Remix Studio offers affordable dance classes for adults and children designed for participants to pop in with no big commitment. The studio offers Hip-hop, Jazz, Tap dance, Ballet, Modern Contemporary, and Musical Theater classes. Amethyst described her experience opening her own studio, “I’ve received positive support from the local community. Especially registration for kid classes. A ton of people signed up for ballet classes within our first week. We want more people to exercise in a more enjoyable way, and create a connection with dance, movement, and freedom.” Currently, Amethyst is working to expand the studio's class offerings, host community events, and look for a building for Remix Studio.

Sign up for a class at Remix Studio to work out and have fun while doing it!


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