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New Creation, Creating Designs for Justice

New Creation is a faith-based nonprofit creatively counteracting sex trafficking with a local heart and global approach. They offer survivor-made goods and fair trade accessories, as well as provide prevention education on the issue of human trafficking.

Steven Andrew and Sabrina Dorman-Andrew founded New Creation in May of 2013, after hearing a woman at their church speak about wanting to provide dignified work as an alternative to prostitution for survivors of sex trafficking. Steven and Sabrina were moved by her mission and adopted it as their own. 80% of victims will go back into trafficking because of no employment, so the couple began selling jewelry made by survivors, out of their dining room, in order to employ the women. New Creation is now building partnerships around the world, specifically in Moldova, with other organizations and nonprofits to provide dignified employment to survivors.

Sabrina built New Creation’s business model the same way many entrepreneurs do, through trial and error, “I learned by failure. At first, I wanted to be a solution for all trafficking, but we discovered we were slowing down our success by doing too many different things. So we prayed about it and evaluated what we were good at.” Sabrina realized that her love for design, as well as their physical shop, is where they needed to invest their resources in order to be successful. Currently, New Creation has its eyes on expanding and offering new programs. Sabrina wants to grow locally, grow her subscription box, develop wholesale connections, and increase awareness regarding sex trafficking.

Prevention education is another crucial component of New Creation’s mission. People ask Sabrina if sex trafficking happens here in the U.S., “In 2013, sex-trafficking was the 3rd largest criminal industry, today it’s the 2nd. We’re focusing on prevention education, raising a catalyst for change, and providing jobs by selling jewelry.” Sex trafficking can happen anywhere, at any time, which is why Sabrina encourages everyone to take action by completing an online OnWatch certification, or by registering their business as an OnWatch advocate.

Follow New Creation on Instagram or Facebook, or visit the store in Harrisonburg, Virginia.

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