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Meet the Marketing Team

Last but not least, meet the SCCF Marketing Team! This creative duo is responsible for getting the word out about our programs, events, and business opportunities, and sharing entrepreneurs’ stories. Thanks to them, we were able to sell out the first ever Shenandoah Valley Entrepreneurship Summit! If you know an entrepreneur whose story should be shared with the Valley, reach out to Ashley! To get to know more about the ladies who run our marketing, we asked them a few questions about being entrepreneur supporters!

What is your role at SCCF?

Ashley: I’m the Marketing Manager at SCCF, so I cover all things marketing from social media (you’ve probably seen my face on one of our TikToks), to print advertisements, and help share entrepreneur stories on our blog! If anyone has a story of an entrepreneur that they think the Shenandoah Valley needs to know about, I’m your girl!

Cameryn: I’m the Marketing Intern at SCCF! My main responsibility is graphic design for a lot of our media output, like social media posts, print materials, and merchandise just to name a few.

Anika: I'm the Director of Marketing as well as the Director of Ecosystem Building, and our team two teams work very closely with each other. Read more about me in Meet the Ecosystem Team!

Shown from left to right: Ashley Wenger, Cameryn Norris

What was your journey to SCCF?

Ashley: I started at SCCF in the fall of 2021, right after I began my senior year at James Madison University. I worked as the Marketing Intern for almost eight months and then became the full-time Marketing Manager after I graduated. During my time at JMU, I studied marketing and educational media.

Cameryn: I started at SCCF in May of 2022 during my Junior year at James Madison University. I connected with SCCF through my on-campus job at JMU X-Labs, an innovative prototyping space on campus. I am a Studio Art major concentrating in Printmaking and an Art History minor.

What’s your favorite part about working at SCCF?

Ashley: I love being surrounded by inspiring people with big ideas every day. It really brings my creativity to life and exposes me to a lot of great business ideas. I hope to one day start a business as cool as those of the people I work with.

Cameryn: My favorite part about working at SCCF is working with and learning from all different types of people. It empowers me to think differently and learn from new perspectives.

What’s your least favorite piece of industry jargon?

Ashley: Iterate, because I hear it so often! We’re constantly adapting and adjusting our marketing strategies and materials, which requires a lot of iterations. Someone, please give me a new word to use!

Cameryn: My least favorite piece of industry jargon is “pivot.” After using this term all throughout the pandemic in the workplace, school, and life in general, we need a new word!

What’s your favorite thing about the Shenandoah Valley?

Ashley: Other than JMU?! Skyline Drive in the Shenandoah National Park. It has the most beautiful views I have ever seen and is such a peaceful way to spend your afternoon. I can’t wait to go back as the leaves start to change colors.

Cameryn: My favorite place in the Shenandoah Valley is Downtown Harrisonburg! It is very nostalgic and takes me back to being a freshman in college exploring the city of Harrisonburg. I love all of the small businesses and local restaurants.

Tell us a random fun fact about you.

Ashley: My dad has his pilot’s license, so he has flown me back and forth from PA (my home state) to VA. I’ve gotten a bird’s eye view of JMU’s campus quite a few times.

Cameryn: I won a National Scholastic Art & Writing award for a drawing I did in high school and received a medal in Carnegie Hall in New York City!

Fun fact about this team, they both went to JMU!

What makes you an entrepreneur? OR, if you were an entrepreneur, what kind of business would you run?

Ashley: I think I’m an entrepreneur because I have business ideas. They’re not always good ideas, or I don’t know if I’ll bring them to life one day, but I’m always thinking about them! If I did have my own business I think I’d open a wine bar book store, combining two of my favorite things, reading, and wine!

Cameryn: If I was an entrepreneur, I would have a business selling my art! I would love to have a storefront selling my prints and selling art from other local artists.

Check out this team’s hard work by following SCCF on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn, and by reading one of our Entrepreneur Stories on our blog! If you have any questions about obtaining SCCF marketing materials, reach out to Ashley, or if you have any press-related questions, please fill out our Press Inquiry Form. Hear about why this team loves supporting entrepreneurs on Instagram!


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