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Meet the Innovation Team

Meet the SCCF Innovation Team! These two entrepreneur supporters, are entrepreneurs themselves as well! Their self-starter, business backgrounds, make them the perfect pair to innovate and ideate new ideas for the Shenandoah Valley Ecosystem. To learn more about our team, we asked them a few questions about their work as innovators!

What is your role at SCCF?

Ryan: I am an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Builder at SCCF. My focus is on pulling together all of the information we gather from entrepreneurs, partners, and support organizations to identify gaps in the ecosystem.

Nick: I’m the Community Outreach Manager at SCCF. I’m the boots on the ground for the organization, connecting entrepreneurs with capital, partnerships, resources, and mentorship, and giving community presentations.

Pictured from left to right: Ryan Hall, Nick Koger

What was your journey to SCCF?

Ryan: My parents are entrepreneurs so I grew up with those concepts in my house. Before finding SCCF, I had started a laser engraving business and a nonprofit. It was through my nonprofit work that I was introduced to the great work happening at SCCF and it really resonated with me.

Nick: I participated in Startup Shenandoah Valley (S2V) Cohort 2, and discovered my love for entrepreneurship, specifically small and micro businesses. As my business idea grew and clarified, I recognized that small businesses need more community support, and that’s the gap I hope to fill.

What’s your favorite part about working at SCCF?

Ryan: The people. Everyone has their own unique way of building a business and that’s exciting.

Nick: I love attending SCCF events because of the community and connections that are created.

What’s your most hated piece of industry jargon?

Ryan: Human capital. This is the worst way to describe people.

Nick: Technology Startups have their own jargon in which the rules constantly change. Pre-seed, Seed, Series A, CAC, runway, and churn, are all terms that over-complicate how to communicate the health of your business and your revenue.

What’s your favorite thing about the Shenandoah Valley?

Ryan: Blandy Experimental Farm, the State Arboretum of Virginia.

Nick: I love living in the Town of Bridgewater. There are so many activities, parks, and

perks of living here. I really enjoy the slower pacing here and the beautiful views in town.

Tell us a random fun fact about you.

Ryan: I was in a punk band in high school/college.

Nick: I love cooking, only because I’m a picky eater

What makes YOU an entrepreneur? OR, if you were an entrepreneur, what kind of business would you run?

Ryan: I think I should start a business that works with communities to physically transform their neighborhoods into spaces that revitalize communities.

Nick: I’m an entrepreneur because I run a tech business, and I also have a passion to support our local businesses and communities.

If you’re interested in discussing new entrepreneur support opportunities reach out to Ryan Hall. If you want to learn more about SCCF’s support, or need a speaker for a presentation about entrepreneurship, you should reach out to Nick Koger. To hear about why our Innovation Team loves working with entrepreneurs, check out our Instagram.


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