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Financial Founders: Helping entrepreneurs make smart money decisions

Updated: Apr 22

It's no secret that finance is one of the top issues for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Most entrepreneurs start their businesses because they're excited about their product, service, or mission, not because they want to work on payroll or taxes. Thankfully, some financial professionals have recognized this issue, and have started their businesses to help other entrepreneurs do just that - payroll, taxes, and other financial needs!

This April, to celebrate Financial Literacy Month, we're highlighting some of these financial founders and their business superpowers, so you know who to turn to when you need help with your business finances.

Meet our Financial Founders

Lindsay Martin is a freelance bookkeeper and the founder of Milepost Bookkeeping. She provides customized support to small businesses in organizing their books to help them grow. Lindsay has helped support entrepreneurs through SCCF by being a guest co-host for our Business Bootcamp program! As an entrepreneur herself, she understands the frustrations of being a business owner as well as keeping up with your finances.

If you're looking for a local bookkeeper for your small business, talk to Lindsay!

David Rosenberg is the founder of Budget Referee, a financial service that allows you full oversight of your current and future budget. It's budgeting without the hassle! David participated in SCCF's Startup Shenandoah Valley (S2V) Accelerator, during which he launched his website! He continues to engage in the entrepreneur ecosystem by attending monthly Founder's Roundtables for S2V and Capacitor participants.

If you need help budgeting, check out Budget Referee. Not only will you feel organized and secure when handling your finances, you will feel confident in working towards future financial goals and decisions.

Joa Garcia is the founder of Prism Consulting LLC and an active supporter of women entrepreneurs and business owners in Staunton. Prism Consulting can help boost your operations, elevate your employee management, and most importantly, make you a tax master! Joa's year-round tax package options are designed to help small business owners manage their taxes stress-free. Were you overwhelmed this tax season? Get ahead of next year, hiring a tax professional will save you time AND money.

Learn more about Prism Consulting's tax services at www/ or @prismconsultingva on Instagram and Facebook.

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