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Introducing Startup Shenandoah Valley Cohort 5

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

SCCF announced the businesses participating in the fifth Startup Shenandoah Valley (S2V) cohort, almost two years after the program's inception back in January 2021. The program includes one-on-one virtual coaching, tailored mentoring, and support on all aspects of running a successful business, such as raising capital, recruiting and retaining top talent, marketing, and legal issues. Participants will become part of an alumni network of the Shenandoah Valley’s best companies and a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The latest group (cohort four), wrapped up earlier this May and is currently implementing what they have learned during coaching. Over the coming months, they will continue to receive additional support from SCCF. Several S2V alumni from the previous four cohorts have since been featured in major Virginia publications.

  • Ruth Rau, a participant in cohort 2 and founder of Mouse Loves Pig, was highlighted by Virginia Business.

  • AD Carter, founder of Retail VR LLC, and JD Oldacker, who is working to bridge virtual reality and therapy, both participants of cohort 4, were highlighted in an article by Northern Virginia Daily.

  • Harmony Harvest Farm, cohort 3 participants, were featured in an article by Southern Living.

The fifth cohort is made up of five businesses from across the Valley, all in different sectors. “It’s thrilling to bring together this group of entrepreneurs into a cohort - all of whom are working at different stages of their business and in different industries. And yet, they’re able to find support and encouragement from each other to keep going and keep building a successful business, even on the hard days. That’s the real power of a program like S2V - guidance from their coaches and mentors, and the power of their peers,” said Katie Overfield-Zook, SCCF Ecosystem Builder and S2V Program Facilitator. Cohort five participants include Helix Hydrogen, Isle Candle Company, Nonprofit MBA, Low Carb Kitchen, and Zion Sprouts.

To learn more about Startup Shenandoah Valley visit SCCF Business Support.

Meet S2V Cohort 5:

Helix Hydrogen is an electrolyzer manufacturer quickly maneuvering to meet the rising demand for green hydrogen, which is a critical tool in the realization of a decarbonized economy. Daniel Warren - Harrisonburg

Elizabeth Page Candles (formerly Isle Candle Co.) is the original soy lotion candle manufacturer, with over 15 years of experience. Customers enjoy clean burning candles (no soot or smoke), wonderful fragrances, and calming ambiance. After the candle begins to melt, the warm (not hot) melted soybean oil from the candle can be used as a luxurious moisturizer. Becca Slye - Harrisonburg

Nonprofit MBA provides nonprofits with access to an online application that assesses the capacity of their organization, identifies strengths and weaknesses, prioritizes the order in which capacity-building work needs to be done, provides mini-projects, and allows them to track the implementation of these projects. The app assesses capacity on a maturity scale designed to guide a nonprofit through increased productivity until they are capable of continued innovation. Juan Pablo Berrizbeitia - Staunton

Low Carb Kitchen provides pre-confectioned foods with a concentrated focus on creating and distributing a tasty keto French fry for consumers. Donald Goff - Elkton

Zion Sprouts Gathering House functions as a multi-facet center for the conservation and promotion of the Christian arts. The home will be a museum with hymnology and gospel collections, art exhibitions, and Christian literary & prose collections. The home will also feature an outdoor botanical, sculpture exhibition, and landscape design. Katherine Archibold - Harrisonburg


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