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Are you ready for Capacitor?

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

Introducing SCCF’s newest program: Capacitor. The Capacitor Incubator Program is a hybrid incubation model for entrepreneurs with scalable business ideas, to help you create your first proof of concept, identify the appropriate target market, and build the systems and financing for the successful launch of your business.

But you might be asking yourself, “What the heck is an incubator program?” A business incubator is a workspace created to offer startups and new ventures access to the resources they need all in one place. It is a slow—but steady—program of accountability, planning, and action over the course of a set time frame. Through the Capacitor Incubator Program (CIP), we will help entrepreneurs accumulate knowledge capital, social capital, human capital, and financial capital so they can quickly overcome hurdles in the first years of business launch over the course of 12 months. Entrepreneurs will also have the accountability to create their first proof of concept, identify the appropriate target market, and build the necessary operational systems and financing. (Not sure if you’re a scalable business? Learn more here!)

“In engineering terms, a capacitor temporarily stores electrical energy through the accumulation of electric charges in order to release all the energy very quickly.”

During the incubator program, you will accumulate your own “electrical charges” of knowledge, so you can “release your energy” and quickly overcome hurdles in the first years of your business launch!

What to expect

Embarking on an incubator program journey can be a transformative experience for entrepreneurs, offering comprehensive support and guidance to propel their startups forward. However, this transformative process requires commitment and dedication. Entrepreneurs entering an incubator program should be prepared to invest approximately 8-10 hours per month into the program. This time investment encompasses a range of activities, including essential meetings with a Fractional C-suite, invaluable mentoring sessions, and engaging Founders Roundtable monthly check-ins that will foster collaboration among current participants and accomplished Startup Shenandoah Valley alumni.

The program will kick off with a series of onboarding meetings designed to establish clear business goals, and essential milestones, and identify any specific support requirements tailored to each business's unique needs. Throughout the program's duration, entrepreneurs can anticipate regular 1:1 meetings with their fractional Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). During these meetings, entrepreneurs receive personalized attention and have the opportunity to delve into essential strategic discussions. The fractional CSO and CFO may propose actionable tasks, tests, projects, or experiments, setting the stage for continual progress.

One of the program's key strengths lies in its emphasis on peer support and accountability. Participants will participate in monthly Founder’s Roundtable Meetups to nurture this dynamic. This engaging forum brings together not only current participants but also Startup Shenandoah Valley alumni and experienced SCCF mentors. This diversity of perspectives will foster a collaborative atmosphere where growth and innovation thrive.

To ensure the incubator program remains aligned with the entrepreneur's expectations and aspirations, quarterly check-ins with SCCF staff will be implemented. These check-ins offer a space to reflect on progress, address any evolving needs, and provide supplementary support whenever necessary. It's worth noting that while the program follows a structured framework, the heart of the experience is its adaptability. The CIP journey is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate the nuances of each business model, the founder's specific goals, and the unique trajectory they envision.

Meet your team

Jairemy Drooger will be your Chief Strategy Officer

Jairemy co-founded CT Assist, a nationwide cardiac surgery healthcare staffing company. He is the founder of MSL Consulting an organization that provides executive coaching and supports small to midsize businesses and nonprofits with strategy, alignment, and internal operating systems. Jairemy is also a co-founder of The WellMent Company an employee engagement and well-being organization that is a certified B Corp. He currently serves as the CEO of Feel Good Always, Inc. Jairemy is passionate about building great teams and loves skiing, cycling, and hiking with his family. He is based in Harrisonburg, Virginia but spends as much time as possible on their farm in West Virginia.

Aram DiGennaro will be your Chief Financial Officer

Aram's entrepreneurial expertise stretches across continents and industries. An early career project was Elite Innovations in Kenya, swiftly achieving a national presence and a valuation of over $1M. Throughout his career, Aram has founded and nurtured multiple ventures, showcasing a unique aptitude for both inception and scaling. Beyond starting companies, his role as a Fractional Executive at Protentional Business Leadership embodies his passion for helping businesses tackle core challenges and operate at their zenith. With rich skills in organizational design, strategy consulting, and entrepreneurship, Aram stands as a valuable mentor for those navigating the thrilling, tumultuous waters of early-stage startups.

Get involved

Admission to CIP is open on a rolling basis, though we will enroll our first entrepreneurs in a batch of 3-5. During the first two years of the program, only 24 entrepreneurs will be admitted into CIP so admission will be competitive. It will be based on best fit, coachability, growth potential, and need. Thanks to the support of Go Virginia Region 8, this program is currently free to all accepted applicants. If you’re interested in learning more about the program and applying, fill out our interest form below!


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