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Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Rise Foundation is an organization that recognizes the unique struggles of the black community and works to meet those needs in very practical ways. Before Rise came to be what it is today, it was in the process of becoming a branch of the NAACP. Everything was in place such as faculty and staff, but the organization did not get charted. That did not stop Chanda Mcuffin and Sharon Fitz from doing what they are passionate about, which is helping people. From there Rise was born. The foundation of Rise is education, economic development, criminal justice, environmental justice and civic responsibility. Rise gives people the tools they need to sustain and exceed so that they are empowered to help themselves. Some of the initiatives taken by Rise are the Reading and Writing Camps, tutoring, and a Student Advocacy program. These programs are tailored to helping the youth and providing them with resources that will advance their future. Rise Foundation also has Virginia’s one and only All Black Library that brings much needed attention on black love, family, history, and experiences. Rise highlights black voices, but everyone is welcomed to learn from and experience what they have to offer. Founders Chanda McGuffin and Sharon Fitz face backlash for the work they do, but they respond with education and do not let the naysayers stop them from impacting their community. One of Chanda’s favorite parts about her work is touching lives while also being able to take care of herself and her family. Rise is just getting started and has plans to share more programs, merchandise, and of course, live another day to Rise!


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